Uploading a song

June 25th, 2008 + 6:06 PM  ·  Xiah

well i intend to upload an editted song that i recently deleted, but whenever the upload completes,
it says "! mp3 file is invalid" or something like that, can anyone help plz?

appreciate answers x]

June 11th, 2008 + 3:06 PM  ·  Xiah

one question. my fl8 studio would go to rename playlist/instrument if i right click/leftclick the playlist/instrument tab, what i was trying to do is insert a few automation/instruments without going to put it in manually by drag>drop. how do you fix this? or is this how its suppose to be..?
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June 11th, 2008 + 1:06 PM  ·  Xiah

uh no i havent, my internet got some firewalls that dont allow me to certain sites =_= (parents) well anyways.. ill try to find proxy. thx though!
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Help with Automation Clip (fl8)

June 10th, 2008 + 1:06 PM  ·  Xiah

i just purchased FL8 producer's edtion and I'm having trouble using automation clips, master volume envelope and stuff. So if anyone knows how to use it...please explain >_<

danka =D
June 9th, 2008 + 3:06 PM  ·  Xiah

very useful guide btw =]
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